Jim Yanda Trio REGIONAL COOKIN’ the guitarist’s jazz classic


Unabashedly swinging jazz guitar trio.

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Available March 24th, 2017!

Recorded in 1987, sounding as fresh as if it was recorded last week.
Jim Yanda – guitar
Drew Gress – bass
Phil Haynes – drums

From the liner notes… Jim Anderson’s old-school direct-to-two-track recording captures the living essence of what jazz is about. The music swings unabashedly. The band clearly loves to improvise, and we take chances creating our youthfully skilled reverie. In addition, a certain unmistakable, Midwestern honky-tonk aesthetic imbues each note with a learned-by-ear expression, invoking the unbridled dance hall playing of my youth. Then as now, Drew Gress and Phil Haynes are among the most symbiotic, versatile and interactive rhythm teams in contemporary music. It’s worth the price of admission just to hear them explore and weave. You can’t miss the dialogue we have over these ten bluesy arrangements. Not surprisingly, a certain regional, straightforward, Midwestern honesty emerges that is just as satisfying as I know it to be uncommon.


  1. Nu's Theme Jim Yanda Trio
  2. Tale Weaver Jim Yanda Trio
  3. Believing Jim Yanda Trio
  4. My Belle Jim Yanda Trio
  5. Situation Ethnics Jim Yanda Trio
  6. Boutiba's Dream Jim Yanda Trio
  7. Three Thang Jim Yanda Trio
  8. Folk Song Jim Yanda Trio
  9. 'Round Midnight Jim Yanda Trio
  10. No More Outs Jim Yanda Trio

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