CODA(s)  No Fast Food III: Phil Haynes : Drew Gress : David Liebman


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No Fast Food III

David Liebman – soprano sax, wooden flute, bells
Drew Gress – bass, bells
Phil Haynes – drum set, gong, tunes & settings

1) Gathering
2) The Universal E
3) DL Five
4) Beloved Refracted
5) To Swing or Not (II)
6) Where’s The Door
7) Some Sick Slick
8) Cycle
9) DL Two
10) Things Lee

33:36 disc one timing

11) The Universal A
12) DL Four
13) Alone
14) Music du Jour too
15) Jour Now
16) A Lil’ Iowa Get-Down
17) To Swing or Not (I)
18) Music du Jour
19) DL One
20) Coda

1:09:21 total 2 disc run time

December 14 + 15, 2022
Scholes Street Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Jon Rosenberg, engineer & electronica
Nicholas Horner, cover & graphic art
Phil Haynes, producer
Corner Store Jazz (2023)
CSJ – 0136/0137

Fresh surprises . . .
wonders most improvisers relish
more than anything else
and strive toward

Now, a fourth collaboration on record
reuniting myself with David Liebman

Our first day unveiled challenges
a search for fresh trio material(s) equilibrium
unexpectedly yielding concise ritual works, ala my Sanctuary
structured, mobile-like, spontaneous creation du jour

Occasional ‘conduction’ between segmented movements, a guide to collaboration partners
Decidedly, a series of immediate blushes – floating in space – to be organized by listeners

Spacious; patient; sensitive; a frequent hush; earnest; genuine
50 years of David Liebman in my ears, since Xmas of ’72
35 years of Drew Gress framing me in my best light

Ecstasy / freedom / changes / pride / relief
Ending one era, welcoming the new
Impacts(?) — may all witness

A fine, fitting adios,
until three . . .

~ ph
Lewisburg, PA, 2023